Toni Morales


French & Russian Pre-Us, Maths A-level, Eton College; French & Russian, Cambridge University


Russian, French, Maths A-level & GCSE; 13+ & 11+; 8+ & 7+.

I was an Oppidan Scholar at Eton College gaining Cambridge Pre-U’s in French and Russian and an A-level in Maths. Whilst at Eton I was awarded Her Majesty the Queen’s French Prize and the Duke of Newcastle’s Russian Prize. I am now at Cambridge University reading French and Russian.

I believe that the reason that students request tutors is because something is not quite clicking in the classroom. Consequently, I aim to find alternative and creative ways of teaching the same classroom material. It feels paramount to me that the student feels relaxed and able to ask all manner of questions. At Eton, I was fortunate to spend time volunteering at a centre for people with learning disabilities and this experience reinforced my understanding of the importance of patience.

I gain a lot of satisfaction from empowering a student to realise his or her potential in a subject. I also enjoy seeing how a student’s fragile confidence can grow with time.

I tutor French and Maths including 11+, Common Entrance and up to GCSE level. I can also provide support in organising effective revision techniques. In addition to subject tutoring, I specialise in giving advice on pre-tests and interview practice to students applying to enter Public and Independent schools.

Outside academic study, my interests are numerous: I play various sports; I was 1st V Squash and 1st VI tennis captain at Eton. I also enjoy visiting art galleries and I love to paint with oils.