Once a tutoring position has been confirmed, you are entering into a contract between you and the tutor.

CRESSIDA JAUNCEY acts as agent on behalf of the tutor.  We are only responsible for supplying tutors for the required subjects, but are not responsible for the content of the lessons and teaching methods.  We cannot guarantee the performance of the tutor, but we supply each tutor in good faith and in the belief that he or she will perform to the best of his or her abilities.

At the first tutorial the tutor will bring two copies of a welcome letter, setting out practical information for tutoring, and confirming the terms of engagement.  Both parties are advised to sign this and retain a copy for their records.

If a client has a complaint with the tutor, please ensure that we are informed within 24 hours of the occurrence that gave rise to the objection.

Invoices and Payment

CRESSIDA JAUNCEY will send you an invoice at the end of each month. 

The invoice will be calculated according to the monthly timesheet filled in by your tutor (you will not be required to sign this, however it is advisable to keep a note of your tutor’s hours to avoid any error or confusion).  We will invoice you in arrears at the start of the next month.  The tutor will not receive his or her fee until we have received payment from you.

We request that invoices are paid promptly, within 14 days of presentation.  You may pay your invoices by cheque or by direct bank transfer.

The tutor reserves his or her right to withdraw tuition if a client is late with payment.


Cancellation Policy

For hourly placements please ensure that you and your tutor have agreed the arrangements for each lesson.  Should you have to cancel or change a lesson, please contact the tutor directly.  Tutorials cancelled by the client with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full.  Please note that where a tutor is booked for a number of hours, we expect that the contract will be honoured by the client.