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    Bespoke Private Tuition

    First class primary & secondary exam and prep school tuition, Oxbridge entrance and interview preparation, and UCAS guidance.

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    Explain. Encourage. Inspire.

    Learning doesn't have to be difficult. Our tutors are here to help and support your child through whatever academic challenges they may face.



'We are truly grateful to you and Inderjeet for such a brilliantly professional and personal service.

The tutoring provided was perfectly tailored for our daughter’s needs, carefully building her confidence without overloading things, and we have no doubt that it was instrumental in her securing the offer she wanted from her chosen college at Oxford.

Thank you both for turning a stressful process in to a bearable one, and more than that, one which has helped her love her subject even more.’

H, London

‘Crossing from the French school system to the UK University system is difficult, even for Anglo/French families. Cressida has helped us understand and navigate the process as well as giving valuable insight into the Universities' selection processes. Her own educational background makes her particularly credible and supportive for children aiming for Oxbridge. Tempting though it is to keep Cressida's company a family secret, we cannot recommend her highly enough!!

S, Aix-en-provence

'Thank you for all your support with Jotham. He's been offered a place to read Classics at Oxford.'

J, New York

'Cressida introduced my son to 3 different tutors during his Oxbridge application to cover all aspects from his personal statement, to HAT test preparation and interview techniques. With the help of Cressida Jauncey Tutors he was able to realise his Oxford dream.'

G, Warwickshire

'Verena received an conditional offer from Cambridge to study Medicine. Thank you very much for all your assistance.'

H, Singapore

'I just received an email inviting me for the interviews at Oxford, I'm ecstatic!  Thanks for your preparation for the first step, the exam and the letters!!'

G, Paris

'I just wanted to let you know that I heard from Oxford yesterday and was delighted to find that I got an offer!  Thank you so much for all of your help along the way!'

C, Birmingham



'We are very happy and proud as she has been offered a place a UCL to read ESPS!!

However, she still needs to get 15.75 at her Baccalaureat! Thanks again for your very good help.'

C, London

'I got into Bristol!!'

I, London

'Marie has an offer from Warwick for Economics, and LSE....

Marie is doing well at LSE and is extremely happy.'

H, London


GCSEs & A-Levels

'The change in Edward's school experience has been tremendous since working with Cressida Jauncey's tutors.  He is gaining confidence with every tutoring session, establishing good study practices and enjoying the resulting success at school.  This is all due to the enthusiasm and support of the tutors on Cressida's team.  Many thanks to them!'

R, London

‘Cressida was a huge support.  She gave them huge confidence whilst guiding them through History AS and A-Level revision and essay structure, with her broad knowledge. A*AA - better than we even hoped for!

 She gave our daughter great advice preparing her personal statement for UCAS – 3 offers immediately!

She always arrives well prepared and they love seeing her.'

E, Berkshire

'Great news - val got an A*. Thank you so much for your help, I feel so pleased that the extra work paid off with a top grade but also I think the help with essay writing will stand him in good stead in later life.'

C, Oxfordshire


11+ & 13+ Entrance

'As a result of her consistent professional support our son did very well at Common Entrance for St. Paul's School.  We were also delighted when our daughter received offers from Wycombe Abbey, City of London and Godolphin & Latymer.' 

J, London

'Our daughter did brilliantly and we are very proud of her efforts.  She clearly hit the necessary level at just the right time.  She was offered a place at all the schools we sat her for and she has accepted her first choice.  She is very excited! Many thanks again.'

J, London

'I got a scholarship to Putney High School, but am going to accept my first choice, Lady Eleanor Holles.'

H, London

'All yes's! So she has decided to go for St Pauls Girls. She couldn't have done it without you!'

J, London

'Her teaching methods were vital to my daughter obtaining an exhibition to Downe House.'

B, London

We all came 'back to earth' again after the great new of Sevenoaks last week.

We are so very proud of Imme and Hidde. They both did really well during the interviews. That is what really stood out according to the admission lady.  Also the academics were very good.

Thanks again Cressida for helping our children to get were they are. You have really helped them getting their English to a higher level. This was also noticed by their teachers in the current school.

C, Moscow

'Cordelia is wonderful with Edward... Once again, thank you for finding such superior tutors for him.'

R, London

‘Astrid successfully passed the entrance exam to one of the leading girls’ day schools.  Astrid enjoyed her sessions and found them to be very helpful… Ms Jauncey is a highly intelligent and gifted teacher whose calm, kind and reassuring manner inspires confidence and trust and enables a pupil such as my daughter to make progress in a stress-free environment.’

S, London

'We are absolutely delighted that our daughter got in to all the schools we sat her for!  Thank you so much for your help in achieving this fabulous set of results, we really appreciate it and she and I very much enjoyed working with you.'

H, London

'A yes from St Paul's Girls, LEH, and Latymer Upper.  Thank you so much for all your support and preparation.  Now we just have to choose!'

S, London 

'Cathy and Lily are getting along like a house on fire.  Lily looks forward to her visits on Saturday and is exhausted when she leaves...so all good as far as I am concerned.  I think it's all starting to come together now which is what I have been waiting for.  I know Cathy has been doing a lot during the week to prepare for the two hours with Lily and I am very appreciative of that fact, as well as the fact that she doesn't pack up at exactly the two hour mark, but finishes whatever section it is that they may happen to be working on.'

E, London

'Will has done fantastically well.  We are all thrilled.  Overall he got an A in everything except English and Greek - both Bs.  He never expected to do so well.

Thank you for all your hard work it has paid off ten fold.  One very happy young man!'
L, Northamptonshire

‘My son is dyslexic and Cressida has been fabulous at helping him and showing him ways to overcome his difficulties.  The results were excellent.  His confidence has grown and he is now doing terribly well at school.’

M, London

‘Cressida coached my son prior to his CE.  It was a relief for me to have someone come into my home and take away the stress of getting revision completed as well as dealing with his 3 other siblings.

She is calm and kind and she engaged and encouraged my reluctant 13 year old so that he went willingly to his sessions. Cressida has an excellent brain and is lovely to have to stay.

I would recommend her and have rebooked for my 2nd son.’

K, Buckinghamshire

‘It has been very evident that my daughter has made excellent progress with Cressida, which I can see in the work she presents to me and also from her school reports and her school teacher’s comments. I particularly feel that Cressida’s calm and systematic approach has been ideally suited to our family.

I feel my daughter is having a very thorough and un-stressful preparation for her forthcoming entrance exams.’

S, London

'Pippa was excellent! She helped our daughter prepare for the 12+ verbal reasoning exam.  Pippa was polite and professional.  We are so pleased as our daughter was able to pass with flying colours!'

D, London

'She got a place at Godolphin.  We are pleased.  Many thanks for your help at getting this result.'

M, London

‘She did very well in her Common Entrance, and got her As in French and Latin’.

I, London

‘He got As in History and Latin.  We are pleased.  Thank you!’

S, London