• Bespoke Private Tuition

    Bespoke Private Tuition

    Learn in a relaxed, one-to-one environment with a tutor devoted to every individual need.

  • Explain. Encourage. Inspire.

    Explain. Encourage. Inspire.

    We encourage students to engage with learning, to be light-hearted and to have fun with it.

General Tuition

What we do

We support and complement the private, state and international education system. We work symbiotically with schools to address weaknesses, nurture strengths and achieve results.

We offer tuition from primary school through to university:

  • Subject support
  • Confidence boosting
  • School entry exams
  • Public exams
  • University applications

Why us

Our tutors are enthusiastic about their subjects and dedicated to helping pupils to reach the academic success they themselves have enjoyed. They build a good rapport with both parents and pupils to make studying rewarding.

  • A fresh approach
  • Constructive feedback
  • Improved confidence & performance levels

How we do it

Our learning is fostered in a relaxed, one-to-one environment, where every issue is addressed at the student’s pace and any question can be asked. We offer a sensible and holistic approach to tutoring, sensitive to the student’s well-being.

Above all, we want students to engage with learning, be light-hearted and to have fun with it.

What we achieve

Our aim is that pupils should be able to express their ideas with ease and clarity.

So we avoid a rote-learning and regurgitation approach simply to pass exams, and instil the following invaluable skills for school and for life thereafter:

  • Core numeracy; literacy, spelling & grammar
  • Research, logical analysis, independent thought, the construction of an argument, an appreciation of the ‘bigger picture’
  • Organised study, time management, memorisation; note taking, essay writing
  • Coherent verbal & written communication

In so doing, we intend to give pupils the foundations they will need to pursue their future ambitions.