• Expert Preparation for School Entrance Exams

    Expert Preparation for School Entrance Exams

    We prepare students to the highest standard to get into the top London day, & boarding schools.

  • A Calm, Systematic Approach

    A Calm, Systematic Approach

    We provide reassurance & build confidence, whilst equipping students with the techniques to thrive under exam conditions.

11+ & 13 + Entrance

What we do

Cressida and her team have an expert understanding of the rigours of London day school entry, public school pre-tests, and Common Entrance. They have a strong track record of pupils being accepted by their first choice schools.

  • 11 Plus: Maths, English, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • 13 Plus: Every subject is examined, so a good all-round performance is the aim.  We work with parents to devise a revision plan, and assist pupils to organise their time efficiently.  
  • Mock Interviews: Practice sessions with advice on answering questions, presentation and body language can put candidates at ease. Drawing out a pupil’s personality and passions is vital.

How we do it

The key to success is developing a good rapport with our pupils, so they feel nurtured and relaxed, therefore more receptive to learning. Mentoring is often as important as tutoring. We are sympathetic to the concerns pupils may have, and encourage self-belief and the satisfaction that hard work can bring.

Whether preparation for these exams begins two years in advance, or in the last few months before, our tutors take a calm, systematic approach to cover what is required, and give pupils as much exam practice as possible. We work closely with parents to ensure that they are informed of their children’s progress and are able to offer encouragement and reinforce the programme in between sessions.