• Personalised Support Through Public Exams

    Personalised Support Through Public Exams

    Our tutors use their specialist knowledge to enthuse and motivate students to prepare thoroughly for their national exams.

  • Consolidation & Improvement

    Consolidation & Improvement

    With our tailored support students can consolidate their knowledge, hone their technique and improve their grades.

GCSE, AS + A2 Levels

What we do

Cressida and her team have a sound knowledge of the range of public exams. Students profit from one-to-one sessions, gaining hugely in confidence and understanding. By sharing their love of their subjects tutors see consistent improvement in candidates’ results.

  • Revise the syllabus & review topics
  • Assist with coursework & research
  • Advise on exam, essay writing and analytical techniques 

How we do it

At this level, the aim is to enable students to study well independently, equipping them with the skills they will need for university.

However, when students have issues with the course content our tutors use their expert knowledge of the subject to tailor sessions to the exam board specifications. They will go at the student’s pace, often finding alternative ways of explaining a concept or looking at the bigger picture. They are approachable so that any question can be asked.

When technique is an issue, tutors will focus on teaching essay structure, how to interpret and dissect a question, and doing repeated exam style questions to time so that the required technique is honed and the student feels confident to tackle the exam.

What we achieve

  • 100% of candidates improved grades
  • Outperformed predictions achieving A*AA
  • Resits improved from D to 2% short of an A
  • C grade extended essay went up to 2 marks off an A*
  • 100% of predicted grades achieved or outperformed
  • Many candidates achieved straight A*s & As, when achieving Bs & Cs in mocks