• Assistance Entering British Education

    Assistance Entering British Education

    We help foreign students transition into the British education system.

  • Practical & Academic Guidance

    Practical & Academic Guidance

    Whether entering British schools or universities we can help you navigate the process, and give academic support to meet the required standards.

International Tuition

What services we offer

Cressida has developed a niche assisting international students to enter the British education system. Her reach extends from the US to the Far East.

  • School Entrance
  • University Entrance

How we do it

Sessions are conducted effectively either face-to-face, whether in London or intensive residential periods abroad, or on Skype.

Aware of the disparities between the education systems, we use our knowledge to prepare international candidates for the unfamiliar requirements of schools entry, UCAS, and Oxford & Cambridge applications.

Why choose us

School Entrance

Pupils at international schools benefit from detailed preparation for British entrance exams. Our team tailors their expertise in 11+ & 13+ exams to address the disparities and fill the gaps. Familiarity with exam technique is an important part of our tuition.

Our client base has ranged from French pupils at the Lycee Charles de Gaulle and French junior schools in London, to pupils at the international schools in Moscow and Cairo.

University Entrance

The British university admissions process can be hard for international applicants to navigate without guidance. With an international outlook, in particular a long-standing love of France, Cressida has built up a reputation for successfully helping French and other international pupils to enter British universities.
In particular, we focus on:

  • Advice on choosing universities, colleges and courses;
  • Practical guidance on completing the UCAS form;
  • The techniques to writing a convincing Personal Statement / ‘lettre de motivation’;
  •  Suggestions about book lists;
  •  Practice of discursive debate and speculative thinking around the subject.
What We Achieve

International students offered places at:  Sevenoaks School, Bradfield, Hailebury, Godolphin & Latymer, Latymer Upper, Dulwich College, KCS Wimbledon, Alleyns.

UCAS & Oxbridge clients say

'L' abord du système universitaire britannique pour un enfant scolarisé dans le système français n'est pas facile, même pour les familles franco-anglaises.

Cressida nous a aidés à comprendre et parcourir le processus universitaire, tout en nous livrant des aperçus de grande valeur sur leurs critères de sélection. Son propre parcours éducatif la rend particulièrement crédible et apte à soutenir les enfants visant Oxford ou Cambridge. Malgré la forte tentation de garder secret l'existence de la compagnie de Cressida, nous n'hesiterions pas à la recommander avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme!'

Steve, Aix-en-provence

For Schools

Public Speaking

Cressida is happy to go into schools and give motivational talks to pupils planning their UCAS and Oxbridge applications. She will give them insights about the process, and encourage them to start preparing well in advance, with tips on how to maximise their chances of success.

We support and complement the school system and are keen to work in conjunction with schools’ UCAS advisors to offer our expertise on a one-to-one basis.