• Complete Support for Oxbridge Admissions

    Complete Support for Oxbridge Admissions

    Our Oxbridge team assist candidates to present the best of themselves throughout the admissions process.

  • Start Thinking Like an Undergraduate

    Start Thinking Like an Undergraduate

    Academic rigour & intellectual passion are vital for success. We encourage candidates to think deeply into & around their subjects.

Oxford & Cambridge Entrance

What we do

We offer complete support throughout the Oxford & Cambridge admissions process, starting with advice on A-level choices, through to last minute pre-interview queries.

  • The right A-level subjects
  • The ideal university course
  • The best college for you
  • Stimulating books
  • A unique personal statement
  • Preparation for subject tests
  • A rewarding interview
  • Thinking like the undergraduate you aspire to be

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge is the chance to make academic dreams become reality; preparation is everything.

What Oxbridge look for

Oxbridge does not owe you a place simply because you are a straight A* student and have numerous extra-curricular achievements.

  • Convince tutors they want to teach YOU in one-to-one tutorials or supervisions for the next  3 or 4 years.
  • Demonstrate in the interview that you have enough passion and intellectual engagement with the subject to make it a stimulating and productive experience for you and the tutor.

How we do it

Sessions with our tutors are like college tutorials.

We engage in debate, analyse texts, draw parallels between theories, and pose questions to which there is no obvious answer.

We are trying to make candidates aware of their own thinking process so that they can hone the ability to structure answers logically, and be flexible in their ideas.

A successful interview is much like a weekly tutorial/supervision:

  • The candidate must engage in discussion with the Dons and defend their ideas.
  • Be open to listening to new theories and then adapting their arguments accordingly.
  • It is less about facts than it is about mental flexibility. It is certainly not about rote learning answers to potential questions.

What we achieve

Cressida ensures that candidates are matched with a tutor in their field, who will not only offer practical insights into the selection process but also encourage them to go deeper into their subject and challenge them to start thinking like an undergraduate in that subject.

Often this has led to a greater love for their course, and so their enthusiasm shines out in interview.

Why us

Cressida and her Oxbridge team are passionate about motivating bright candidates to present the best of themselves and their enthusiasm for the subject throughout the selection process.

Their own Oxford and Cambridge education has been the passport to achieving their goals in life, and they offer highly personalised advice to maximise each candidate’s chances of success.