• Inspiring Students About Their Futures

    Inspiring Students About Their Futures

    Individual mentoring through the UCAS process enables students to study the degree they wish at the university they choose.

  • A Collaborative & Dynamic Approach

    A Collaborative & Dynamic Approach

    We give constructive advice on strategy, whilst working with students to present their strengths & interests in the most positive way.

UCAS University Applications

What we do

We offer individual guidance that not all schools have the resources to provide. We support the whole UCAS process:

  • Advice on A-level subjects
  • University & course choices
  • Personal Statement preparation
  • Vocational subject support: Law & Medicine

How we do it

A thorough initial consultation: our tutors get a clear sense of where the candidate’s strengths and interests lie. We then advise on suitable courses and a sensible strategy for university choices.

Our broad knowledge of British universities: we can give insights into different university experiences. We advocate the importance of going to the open days.

A compelling personal statement: Guidance from our tutors, who have succeeded not only in their UCAS applications, but also in the unforgiving market of  graduate job applications, can be invaluable in showing prospective undergraduates what really makes a personal statement shine.

For schools

Public Speaking

Cressida is happy to go into schools and give motivational talks to pupils planning their UCAS and Oxbridge applications. She will give them insights about the process, and encourage them to start preparing well in advance, with tips on how to maximise their chances of success.

We support and complement the school system and are keen to work in conjunction with schools’ UCAS advisors to offer our expertise on a one-to-one basis.

Why choose Cressida Jauncey

We understand what university admissions tutors are looking for, in structure, content and style.  We motivate candidates to read around their subjects and express their commitment in a coherent and heartfelt way.


What we achieve for you

Our personalised support is designed to remove the stress from the UCAS season, and to inspire students about their futures.


Success stories

  • One student initially wanted to do PPE as he thought it sounded good and would be a career type degree but after discussing what truly interested him, he realised that he would really enjoy Classics and consequently got into Oxford to read Classics.
  • Similarly, another student came from a family of doctors with an older sister doing Medicine so the family had no experience of preparing a child for an arts course. She was passionate about English so we helped both her and her parents to understand the process and she got offers from all her choices, including Oxford and an unconditional offer from UCL.